Steve's Computer Repair & Website Design
home and small business computer repair and upgrade serving kansas city's northland

Home and Small Business Computer Repair and Upgrade Serving Kansas City's Northland

Let Steve's Computer and Web Design business provide home and small business computer repair and upgrade. Serving Kansas City's Northland Since 2010.

  • Replace the power supply unity on your Desktop PC.
  • Install, replace, or add an additional Hard Drive, DVD Drive + Burner,  and CD Drive .
  • Replace and upgrade RAM to improve computer performance.
  • Connect, Install and/or update the Video Card, TV Tuner Card.

  • Reload(reinstall) and/or update the PC or Mac's Operating System.
  • Install common software programs that you have purchased.  See list below
    • Apple's Mac OS X®
    • Windows® Operating Systems
    • Microsoft®  Office Programs
    • Apple® iWork and iLife
    • MAMP or MAMP Pro for Mac Computers
    • Adobe® Creative Suite Software
    • Aleks Math for Mac, PC, and Linnix operating systems
    • Parallel Desktop for Mac®

To schedule computer services for your mac or pc use the Appointment button. If you have additional questions about computer services offered, please visit the following links below.

CompTia A plus Certification IT Technician Steven Ng