Steve's Computer Repair & Website Design
Creating An online Website Presensce with Steve's computer and web service, LLC

If you have already developed a Marketing Plan, let Steve’s Computer and Web Service, LLC create an effective and targeted Website that is consistent with your strategy and meets your expectations to establishing an Online Presence.

During our collaboration we will do the following:

  • Clarify project goals, messaging, and develop a call to action
  • Ask for the client’s requirements for the website
  • Focus on who the ideal user for the Website
  • Discuss the use of Social Media

If the Client’s Marketing Strategy is still in the planning stages, we can still help them develop an Online Presence through collaborative brainstorming and suggestions. This helps potential clients who want to work with us on an Online project but they still need assistance in defining their specific wants or needs.

If you need to Establish an Online Presence for your Small Business, Medical or Dental Office, please call me at (913) 735-4096 or use the Contact button to send me a message.