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ZDNET | diy-it RSS
ZDNET | diy-it RSS
  1. Meta's Quest 3 emerges as a dark horse, dominating Black Friday sales over Apple's AirPods. Here's what that means for you and me.
  2. This is how AI sees the 50 US states, according to DALL-E 3 and ChatGPT.
  3. Unveiling the quirks of DALL-E 3 within ChatGPT Plus: See how this AI tool bends reality, turning ordinary images into unusual creations.
  4. There's an art to writing effective chatbot prompts to get the results you want from your friendly neighborhood AI. Here's how to up your prompt-writing game.
  5. With programming, you code. With AI, you haggle.
  6. Altman's departure from OpenAI to Microsoft is a seismic shift in generative AI dynamics. Here are three ways it could influence ChatGPT and the AI industry.

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