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VST Test Conducted on Macbook Pro 15inch  mid 2010

If you have a Macbook Pro 15 inch mid 2010 that experiences sporadic freezes or stops displaying video on the built-in display or on an external display connected to the MacBook Pro. It could be a defective video chip that might be replaced by Apple.

Please look at Apples'Support article TS4088, before calling or visiting an Authorized Apple Repair Facility.  Link to Article Provided below.

When it comes to intergrated components like a motherboard or what Apple calls a logic board to be repaired.  There can a lot of factors to decide whether to repair and where to repair it.  Ironically,  I took my MacBook which was experiencing these issues to the local Apple Retail Store in Kansas City's Country Club Plaza to be repaired. 

After I explained the problem to the Apple Technicians and showed them the TS4088 article, I asked if they could do a VST test. The picture accompanying this article shows what happens when they apply the test.

In conclusion,  if you do a little research on what's ailing your computer, you might be pleasantly suprised that the Repair might be covered by the Manufacture.  At Steve's Computer and Web Service, LLC we generally refer Motherboard, Logic Boards to the Manufactures' Authorized Repair Facility for possible covered repairs.  It's part of our mission statement to provide individual care to our clients even if means referring them to another company to save money on a computer repair.

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CompTia A plus Certification IT Technician Steven Ng